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Liquid Blending Solutions

Royal Chemical has 60 liquid mixers – stainless steel, poly, Hastelloy and glass-lined -- ranging in size from 200 to 6,000 gallons.

Each mixer is capable of producing a wide range of custom chemicals including acid, alkaline and water-soluble organic blends. They offer high shear mixing capabilities and variable speeds for foam control, producing viscous blends up to 6,000 cps.

Royal Chemical has 107 storage tanks and offers a wide range of packaging options. These options include bottles, pails, drums, totes, tank trucks and bulk rail.

Each of our five locations offers a quality-control laboratory to ensure exacting standards and product consistency.

Packaging Solutions To Fit Your Needs

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Frequently Asked Questions

Have a liquid blending question? We have the answer. 

The majority of our customers prefer to let us provide all of the materials.  Royal Chemical purchases over 1,500 materials from 450 suppliers and invests considerable resource in developing outstanding supply arrangements and low costs.  If you wish to supply some or all of the materials, we are happy to work with those arrangements as well.

Minimum lot sizing for liquid blends depends on the package size.  The minimum lot size for liquids is 220 gallons for pails and larger packaging or 1,000 gallons for bottled products.  The largest batch size is 5,000 gallons but this can be expanded if your project warrants.

Royal Chemical is capable of blending a broad range of chemical products, however, no company is equipped to process every chemical safely.  Royal Chemical does not process known carcinogens or mutagens, combustible dusts, or flammable finished goods.  Flammable raw materials are fine as long as the flashpoint of the finished good exceeds 100F.

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