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Powder & Liquid Packaging Solutions to Fit Your Market Needs

Royal Chemical has the versatility to package both liquid and powder chemical products in virtually any size, from just a few ounces to tank trucks.

This includes a wide range of standard configurations or proprietary chemical packaging solutions, including:

  • Liquid Packaging Options From Large to Small: Whether you have bulk needs or smaller, individually packaged products to fill, we have a wide range of liquid packaging solutions – including bottles, pails, drums, totes, and bulk tank trucks. We're experienced in filling a wide range of configurations, as well, including round, flat panel, trigger sprayer, goose-neck, laundry and measure-pour bottles. High-speed bottling capabilities will be available in our Chattanooga, Tennessee, facility starting in July 2023. Our quick-changeover methods allow us to produce in economical lot sizes.
  • Industry-Leading Powder Packaging Capabilities: Royal Chemical has some of the most extensive powder packaging and repackaging capabilities in the industry. We handle bottles in many sizes and configurations, bags, boxes, drums, pails and super sacks.
  • The Volume You Need, Wherever You Need It: Our chemical packaging capacities range from 2.5 to 5,000 gallons. We have bottling capabilities at three of our five locations, with eight bottling lines that can efficiently fill 8-ounce to 2.5-gallon bottles, as well as powder jar-filling and powder pack lines at our Macedonia, Ohio, facility.
  • Repackaging Bulk Materials for Various Uses: We can transload materials from a bulk container, such as a tank truck, and repackage them to meet your specific needs. This includes offloading material into drums or totes, so you can sell the product via that container size.

Quality Is Our Top Priority When Blending, Packaging and Repackaging Chemical Products

Quality control is a key part of our production process. Each of our five locations offers a quality-control laboratory to ensure exacting standards and product consistency.

We take a sample of each batch and test it in our lab to make sure it meets the required test methods and specifications. All samples must pass inspection before we proceed to packaging. If a sample doesn't pass, we notify the customer about the nonconforming material and their options moving forward.

Our quality control checks for packaging include:

  • Pallet specification
  • Labels
  • Lot numbers
  • Overall appearance

Certified to Meet Your Standards & Industry Requirements

All of our sites conform to kosher and halal standards. They also are NSF, ISO 9001:2015 certified and EPA registered, ensuring they can meet the needs of many industries. In addition, all of our facilities will soon join our East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, and Macedonia, Ohio, facilities in being FDA registered. The East Stroudsburg plant is also certified to handle flammable liquids.


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Bulk Tank Truck

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