How to Optimize Chemical Blending and Supply Chain Efficiency


Posted by Gayle Mitalski - 06 June, 2024

Blending and mixing capabilities are important, but when it comes to manufacturing your chemical products, it’s crucial to consider where you manufacture your products and how it will affect your business operations and supply chain. This is because the location of your manufacturing facility (or facilities) can have a substantial impact on transportation costs, delivery times and logistics optimization. 


This is why the right contract chemical manufacturer can play a huge role in your organization’s profitability and success. Contract chemical manufacturers not only provide the chemical blending and mixing capabilities you need but can also give you access to manufacturing facilities that increase supply chain efficiency, improve the reliability of your logistics operation and expand your market reach so you can grow and better service your customers. 

Royal Chemical’s Strategically Located Facilities 

To showcase how strategically located manufacturing facilities can positively impact your business, we are going to use Royal Chemical as an example.


Royal Chemical is a chemical contract manufacturer that offers liquid and powder blending and packaging services, alongside comprehensive warehousing and distribution solutions. Over its 85+ years in business, Royal Chemical has expanded its operations across the United States, establishing facilities in key locations to better serve its customers. These facilities are located in:



By partnering with Royal Chemical, organizations can access all five facilities to cut costs, improve efficiency and better serve customers.

Faster Delivery to Your End Customer

Royal Chemical’s strategically located facilities enable our customers to reach over 80% of the country with one-day delivery. This extensive coverage ensures your customers receive their products quickly, improving customer satisfaction and retention. Royal Chemical also offers same-day shipping for various stocked materials to help you further streamline your operations.

Lower Logistics and Supply Costs

With manufacturing facilities closer to your end customers, you can significantly reduce shipping expenses and improve profit margins. Shorter delivery routes mean less fuel consumption and less money spent transporting your products.


However, the cost savings don’t stop there. Having a nationwide footprint and access to Atlantic and Pacific ports ensures raw materials don’t need to travel far to reach production sites, further reducing shipping distances and supply costs. Royal Chemical also works with over 450 suppliers to source more than 1,500 quality materials at great prices.

Improved Supply Chain Durability

Having multiple manufacturing facilities also increases the resiliency of your logistics operation. For example, if one of Royal Chemical’s facilities went down because of a weather-related incident, one of our other facilities could step in to compensate and minimize production and delivery disruptions.


In other words, partnering with Royal Chemical allows you to increase the durability of your supply chain without the cost of owning or maintaining multiple facilities.

Expanded Reach and Better Customer Service

Royal Chemical’s nationwide presence allows organizations to reach their customers regardless of location. This makes it much easier for any company to expand to a broader market nationally because it won’t be constrained by lengthy shipping times or high transportation costs. 


Plus, with the ability to provide customers with dependable, one-day shipping, businesses can better meet customer needs, boosting satisfaction and loyalty. In fact, many Royal Chemical customers leverage this within their own marketing materials, highlighting their ability to provide swift, consistent service. 

Don’t Forget About the Location

As you think about expanding your operations or partnering with a contract chemical manufacturer, remember to think beyond blending and mixing capabilities. Where your products are manufactured can be just as important to your overall business goals. 


If you’re interested in partnering with Royal Chemical to take advantage of the numerous benefits our facilities provide, reach out to a Royal Chemical expert


With 60+ liquid mixers, eight liquid bottling lines (including a high-speed bottling line) and four heavy-duty powder blenders, we have the capabilities to produce various chemical products quickly and efficiently. Our chemical blending expertise is complemented by our packaging, fulfillment and warehousing services. Whether you need to package 8-ounce bottles or fill a tank car for rail transport, Royal Chemical can help. Plus, all Royal Chemical’s facilities are EPA-registered and Kosher and NSF-certified, ensuring compliance with high safety and quality standards. 


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