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Posted by Royal Chemical - 23 January, 2018

man with headache.jpgLike any business, your company has plenty to worry about. You have competitors breathing down your neck. You need technology upgrades. You can’t find good people to fill your openings. Your sales team needs more training. Your social media strategy, marketing plan and website seem to be stuck in 2012. Uncertainty is everywhere in your industry. Costs are too high. And, of course, your revenue isn’t where it could be.

If all that wasn’t enough to give you a migraine, you have to deal with a whole laundry list of other worries, ones that involve your production. They include:

  • Cost and maintenance of land, facilities and equipment.
  • Quality and consistency of your product.
  • Performing complicated, specialized or difficult processing.
  • Health, safety and environmental concerns.
  • Hiring, training and retaining good workers.
  • Working toward lean manufacturing, ISO certification and other quality certifications and benchmarks.
  • Complying with the record-keeping, paperwork and procedural rules from an alphabet soup of regulators (OHSA, EPA, DOL, EEOC, etc.).

Yes, your head feels like it’s splitting, but there’s relief: There’s a trusted third party out there, a behind-the-scenes partner, who can take over all that pain – and do it at a surprising price.

That partner is not only out there, you now know who it is: Royal Chemical.

80 years experience.jpgFor eight decades, companies have been handing over their production headaches to our experienced team. In return, we delivered pain-free success.

Royal Chemical has worked behind the scenes with scores of customers. We take over some or all of their production, freeing them up to spend more time and resources on their customers.

Land, facilities and equipment. We have five facilities strategically located throughout the United States. We can make your product on our state-of-the-art lines, inside our buildings, with our equipment.

Quality and consistency. We are obsessed with the quality of our work and the consistency of what we produce. You don’t stay in business for 80 years unless you deliver greatness every day. We are pros.

Complicated, specialized or difficult processing. This is what we do, and what we are good at. We will meet with you to figure out exactly what we can to help your company. In the rare case that your product is outside our expertise, we will help you find the right partner.

Health, safety and environmental concerns. When you partner with Royal Chemical, we take on the liability and responsibility for worker health and safety. We are accountable for the protection of the environment. You get to sleep at night.

Hiring, training and retaining good workers. Since out team is doing the work, we worry about the personnel. And we are proud of our full-time, long-tenured and expert workforce. Partner with us and you’ll know that full-time professionals – not temps – will be handling the work.

Measureable excellence. Each of our facilities is ISO-certified, and we have earned a nice list of quality certifications for our efficiency, processes and stewardship.

Regulations. Again, this becomes our job. We accept all the responsibility for compliance, labeling, material data sheets and more. It’s no longer your worry.

Contact us to see how your company might be able to hand over your headaches to us, allowing you to spend more time and resources on your customers, old and new.

 We are the aspirin tablets for your pain, at an easy-to-swallow price.

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