Turnkey, with All the Trimmings

Posted by Royal Chemical - 23 January, 2018

If you believe the myth, Spanish explorer Juan Ponce de León was in search of the Fountain of Youth in 1513 when he and his crew stumbled upon the beaches of Florida, becoming the first Europeans to set foot – and soak up some rays -- in what would later become the Sunshine State.

Fountain of youth.jpgLet’s imagine for a moment that old Ponce had found the elusive fountain and somehow figured out the exact formulation of the magical liquid that reversed aging. What should the now-young-again Ponce have done then?

He should have called a Royal Chemical representative.

Ponce de León would have known that he had a valuable recipe, which is the most important thing. But he’d also realize that he didn’t have land, a factory, equipment, employees, materials, packaging, a logistics infrastructure or anything else he’d need to produce even a single “Bottle of Youth,” let along the thousands he’ll be able to sell when he got back to the old country.

Royal Chemical could have helped -- just like we help our customers who seek a true turnkey solution for chemical manufacturing.

turnkey solution.jpg

We would have met with Ponce de León, complimented him on his amazing youthful appearance and then assured him that we safeguard recipes, formulas and other intellectual property with an obsession. It is a sacred trust.

Then we would have told him that we ONLY make products for others, not ourselves, because we refuse to compete with our partners. In other words, we would never manufacture a youth-restoring liquid of our own.

Then we would have told him that Royal Chemical would be able to:

  • Acquire the raw materials, using our strong purchasing power.
  • Do all the manufacturing -- on our equipment, with our employees, in our facilities.
  • Prepare all the material safety data sheets.
  • Procure the packaging and then package the product.
  • Comply with all safety, environmental and other regulations.
  • Worry about liability.

Ponce de León could have sunbathed on South Beach, because we would have done it all.

And he wouldn’t have had to pay anything until we shipped the finished product.

Do you or your company have a recipe or formulation for a product that the market is going to love? Let Royal Chemical give you the power of a major manufacturer by handling everything in between formula and final product. 

Contact us to find out more about how we can do all your work for a price … that might just make you feel young again. 

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