When to Use a Super Sack for Chemical Packaging

Posted by Royal Chemical - 12 November, 2021

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Your product needs to be protected and sealed during transportation and storage to prevent leaks, contamination, or environmental issues. That’s why it’s so important to know all of the packaging options that you can store your product in. One of those types of dry packaging is a super sack, which can provide all of those features, and more, for your chemical product. 

This guide will cover everything you need to know about super sack & bulk pouches and explains the importance of working with a trusted chemical packaging company to pick the right option for your product.

What Is a Super Sack?

A super sack, also known as a spout bag, spout-top bag or fill-spout bag, is a stand-up bag with a spout for efficient and spill-proof filling or unfilling. These pouches can be solely for consumer use, in which case they are smaller and often single-use items.

When it comes to bulk packaging, super sacks come in the following forms:

  • Stand-Up Bags: This type of bag has a spout at the top and is cylindrically shaped with a flat bottom, so it can easily stand up while being filled and during transportation. Some are even made with a bottom spout for easy unfilling. These are rated for solid items and powdered products.
  • Duffle Top Bulk Bag: These bags are like open-top duffles but have a plastic skirt-like feature attached to the top of the bag that would otherwise be open. It allows for open-top filling and a spout for secure sealing.

Since there aren’t many plastic pouches for liquids in bulk, it may be best to rely on totes or drums to store and transport large quantities of your liquid chemical product and then have the product re-packed in consumer-use super sacks.  

Uses for Super Sacks in Packaging

Spouted bags and pouches have many different applications in a variety of industries such as:

Food & Beverage

Companies that produce the following products frequently use spouted pouch solutions to package their products:

  • Spices
  • Dressings and condiments
  • Baby food and soft snack foods
  • Drinks
  • Oils
  • Sauces
  • Yogurt

Although the items above typically come  in smaller quantities, some food & beverage companies may use bulk spouted bags to store and transport larger quantities of ingredients and finished product.

Industrial Packaging

Super sacks are primarily used in industrial packaging for items like:

  • Fine chemicals
  • Cement
  • Resin and silica

Home & Garden

You might see the following products in small and medium quantities packaged in spout pouches:

  • Detergents
  • Soaps
  • Powdered cleaners, fertilizers or pesticides

Many of the home & garden items in spouted pouches are for consumer use, though manufacturers may transport large quantities in bulk pouches before being packaged for consumer use.

Liquid Products

While stand-up spout bags are primarily used to store solid or powder products, other types of spouted bags are best for all types of liquid products. These bags offer flexibility instead of rigidity, which can weigh less during transportation and make it easier and lighter for a consumer to use, as opposed to if the product was in a rigid plastic container. 


Super sacks may be used to store and transport large quantities of pharmaceutical ingredients or finished .

Benefits of Using Spouted Pouches in Packaging

Below are the benefits of using spouted pouches for chemical packaging, including in bulk and small consumer-use quantities :

  • Less product waste: The spout allows you to quickly and efficiently transfer product into its packaging, meaning there’s less of a chance for product to escape during transfer. Making sure you get to package as much of your product to sell or ship as you can is best for your bottom line.
  • Cleaner packaging: In addition to saving your product from spilling during transfer, the spout ensures the whole process is as clean as possible. That means that you won’t have product debris on the packaging when you go to ship it, saving extra time having to clean packaging but still presenting a high-quality exterior. 
  • Cleaner transfer and use locations: A spouted bag also ensures that your transfer location, whether on-site or off, stays as clean as possible too, in turn protecting your employees, your property, and the environment. Also, this packaging can be helpful for customers who will use the product directly from the spout, making it more efficient and clean for them.
  • Customizable spout and cap options: You can collaborate with your packaging provider to select the most secure and easy-to-use spout and cap for your packaging. You’ll be able to get the most cost-effective option in terms of how much the packaging costs and how efficiently it’s going to store your product.
  • A variety of sizes: Consumer-use spouted pouches are much smaller than bulk storage and transportation pouches, but each type comes in a variety of sizes. Bulk pouches can be as long and wide as just over 3.5 feet to 4.0 feet and as tall as 4 feet.
  • Strong seams and high-quality packaging materials: You need the strongest seams and best quality packaging materials to store, ship, and have consumers use the product from the packaging. You can get a liquid spout bag, solid spout bag and many other types of spout pouches that have sturdy seams that won’t burst and materials that won’t decay, as long as you trust chemical packaging professionals like Royal Chemical to help you choose the best packaging option.
  • Protection from the environment: Many spout bag options are made to withstand any pest activity, moisture, odors, UV light, scratches and more types of potential damage. That way the product stays secure and in good condition under different types of duress while stored at a consumer’s home or place of business.
  • Content visibility: Some spouted bags can be made with clear or translucent material so you and your consumers can see the product, its color, its quality and its quantity inside the packaging.
  • Glossy or matte finish: Depending on the design of your packaging, you may opt for a glossy or matte finish to make your product stand out to consumers. In addition, there are many custom printing options you can do on these spout pouches that are easier to read than on other types of packaging, like cans or bottles.
  • Ergonomic design: But this ergonomic design means that these packages don’t have load-bearing capabilities like more rigid and sturdy packaging options, so keep that in mind.

If you are looking for a chemical packaging company that knows the ins and outs of spouted pouches, then Royal Chemical is here for you. We can help you assess the needs of your customers when it comes to effective and secure packaging. Additionally, we can determine the benefits of each spouted bag option to give you solid advice in picking the packaging for your product.

Contact Royal Chemical today to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation to find the best packaging option for your products.

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