Working Harder and Smarter for Chemical Distributors

Posted by Royal Chemical - 17 January, 2018

How can Royal Chemical help chemical distributors save money, boost profits and strengthen relationships with their customers? Lots of ways.

Let us explain as you sit down, kick up your feet and have an ice-cold glass of lemonade. Now imagine for a moment that this refreshingly sweet-yet-tart drink is … your product.


You sell the best lemonade. Your customers love you. You give them great service. But because you don’t make or mix lemonade – you just distribute it – you have to buy it already blended, which can be costly. It’s also more expensive to ship and leaves you with little flexibility on the recipe.

Now consider what Royal Chemical can do as your behind-the-scenes partner. Because we CAN do the blending, you can buy dry, concentrated lemonade powder in bulk from anywhere in the world and enjoy massive savings.

We can do the transloading and then the mixing, blending and/or diluting. You can either pass along the lower costs to your customers and become more competitive, or you can simply boost your margin (or maybe you choose a combination of both). 

Either way, your thirst for significant savings has been quenched.


Chemical tote and barrell.jpgLet’s say Lisa, one of your best customers, says she wants her lemonade 20 percent stronger and packaged in drums. Frank wants his watered-down by 10 percent and delivered in totes. Jimmy wants his 80 percent stronger and delivered in pails.

Without Royal Chemical, you’d need to keep an inventory of different dilutions, in different package sizes. What a headache!

But when you partner with Royal Chemical and take advantage of our powerhouse blending infrastructure, our chemical packaging capabilities and our logistics expertise, you can offer your customers dozens of (or more) dilutions, sizes and SKUs. And all you keep in your inventory is that bulk raw material.

That means more options for your customers and lower costs for you, something you can raise a glass to.


Chemical-blendingLet’s go back to Lisa. Your company has built an excellent reputation with her. She loves the great service you provide, but she wants more than just old-fashioned lemonade. She wants spiked pink lemonade.

She’d love to buy this new concoction from her favorite distributor, but she knows you can’t do this kind of custom blending, right?

“Hold on a second, Lisa,” you say. “We can do it.” (That’s because you’ve partnered with Royal Chemical.)

With us working behind the scenes, in our facilities, on our equipment, we can do custom blends, one-offs and other unique high-margin or value-added products. It doesn’t matter the size of the batch or the packaging. This is what we do.

Lisa will love the flexibility you offer, she’ll love the ability to get more products in one place. And she will love you even more.


“Hold on a second,” you might be saying. “I am a distributor and I do my own custom dilutions, custom blends and other stuff. I don’t need Royal Chemical.”

True, you might not need us, but you sure may want us.

Ask yourself a few questions:

  • Are mixing and blending the best and highest-value uses of my company’s time, resources and working capital?
  • Do I worry about the quality and consistency of my products?
  • Is the safety of my workers and the liability of my company important?
  • Would I rather have my team focusing on marketing, selling and building customer relationships?

Partner with us and you can free up your capital and resources, shifting them toward sales, development, marketing and other higher-value/higher-margin investments. When we do the work, we take over the responsibilities for quality, consistency, safety and liability. We do the worrying.

Are you a chemical distributor who wants to save money, boost profits and strengthen relationships with your customers? Contact us today. Who knows, you may soon be enjoying a tall glass of … savings.

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